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All Purpose Foam Cleaner
A Multi-purpose foam cleaner for soft and hard surfaces incl. glass. NSF program listed category C1..
€7.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €6.46
Dynatex Electrical Parts Cleaner
Quickly dissolves and flushes away grease, oil, dirt and other contaminants while leaving no residue..
€8.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €7.28
Dynatex Engine Degreaser
How to degrease your engine.  Engine Degreaser quickly removes grease, oil, dirt and other cont..
€7.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €6.46
Dynatex Glass Cleaner
Non-streaking formula cuts through stubborn dirt and film without smudging. Removes tar, road film, ..
€8.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €7.28
Electric Cleaner NSF - Kent
Features & Benefits • Rapid drying – leaves no residue to affect conductivity • Cuts throu..
€14.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €12.15
Gasket Remover - Can remove carbon deposits
Gasket Remover is an aerosol product designed to remove gasket residue from any type of metal or pla..
€14.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €12.15
Kent DPF Cleaner - Fuel additive to assist  regeneration
Product Description Even the best diesel particle filter gets sooty over time. Car love..
€22.00 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €17.89
Kent Fuel Guard 2 - Reduce emissions for national car test - NCT
Kent Fuel Guard II - Reduce emissions for national car test - NCT  Fuel Guard II was developed ..
€16.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €13.78
Perfect Inox - Kent Stainless Steel Cleaner
An easy to use and extremely effective cleaner for Stainless steel surfaces with NSF approval, which..
€14.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €12.15
Remove stains with All Clean Pro
No bleaches, solvents or chemicals.  No known harmful effects for you, your family or the envir..
€15.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €12.97
VB45 - DPF Cleaner
VB45 was first developed to simplify the removal of diesel injectors and glow plugs. Injectors and ..
€30.00 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €24.39
Waterless Hand Cleaner
Precisely formulated blend of surfacants, emulsifiers and skin conditioners. Optimum cleaning withou..
€9.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €8.09
The latest addition to the Smog Doctor range is an innovative cleaner.  VB35 is highly efficie..
€34.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €28.41
Reduce Emissions to Pass the NCT or MOT with VB26
# You can expect to reduce emissions by up to 50% when driving for 15 minutes with VB26..
€34.95 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €28.41
Applicator Kit
€195.00 inc VAT
Ex Tax: €158.54
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