Perfect Inox - Kent Stainless Steel Cleaner

Perfect Inox - Kent Stainless Steel Cleaner

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An easy to use and extremely effective cleaner for Stainless steel surfaces with NSF approval, which leaves a protective coating to resist further tainting or marking.

Features Benefits
• NSF (National Sanitary Foundation) approved • Safe for use in food proximity areas
• Removes general dirt, contamination, light grease, • Easily cleans to save time and effort cooking fat and food residue
• Helps protect surfaces against water or • Retain a quality finish for longer tainting marks
• Fast acting and easy to use • Saves time and effort

Perfect Inox will remove general dirt, contamination, light grease and cooking fat from many surfaces. It is ideal for use on all stainless steel surfaces, including Specialist vehicle bodies such as tankers, marine deck fittings, agricultural equipment, lift doors, hospital trolleys, external refrigerator and microwave surfaces, cookers and hobs, waste bins and general cabinets.
Instructions for use
1 Shake can well.
2 Remove surplus grease or grime with
spatula or scraper.
3 Spray lightly over the surface to be
4 Using a damp cloth, wipe soiled area.
5 Polish dry with a lint-free cloth.

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