Kent - Soft Surface Cleaner - Aerosol

Kent - Soft Surface Cleaner - Aerosol

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Features & Benefits

  • Exceptionally versatile - cleans and degreases, can be used on most materials, including most plastics
  • Cleans surfaces thoroughly - removes grease, glue, flux residues, resins, nicotine and cured silicone sealant
  • Highly penetrating - easily removes contaminants from hard-to-reach areas
  • Quickly evaporates - leaves no film or product residues
  • Contains no 1,1,1 Trichloroethane, Xylene, Acetone or Methanol - safe in use

  • NSF-K1 listed - suitable for applications in food, beverage and pharmaceutical industries


1. Apply generously on the surface to be cleaned.
2. Allow to penetrate.
3. Wipe the surface with a clean dry cloth.
4. Repeat the treatment if necessary.
N.B.: When used on equipment that will be returned to a food processing area, the product must be completely washed off with an acceptable detergent solution and rinsed with potable water before returning to the processing area.

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