DynaCopper Silicone Gasket Maker

DynaCopper Silicone Gasket Maker

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DynaCopper ® Silicone Gasket Maker is a single component, room temperature vulcanizing, gasketing compound designed to provide reliable “formed-in-place” gaskets for mechanical assemblies.

Material is a non-slumping paste that cures to a tough, rubbery solid at room temperature on exposure to moisture in the air.

The product resists aging, weathering and thermal cycling without hardening, shrinking or cracking.

DynaCopper Silicone Gasket Maker is designed to provide increased oil resistance, good adhesion and flexibility, sensor safe and noncorrosive. 


Sensor safe • Non-corrosive • Low odor • Replaces most gaskets • Non-flammable • Non-toxic • Improved oil resistance


Valve covers • Transmission pans • Oil pump flanges • Makes any gasket instantly • Timing gear covers • Differential covers

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