Rear View Mirror Adhesive

Rear View Mirror Adhesive

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Rear View Mirror Adhesive is a medium viscosity, toughened adhesive system for metals and glass, which gives good tensile shear strength, and outstanding performance for peel, cleavage, fatigue and impact shock loading. Dynatex® Rear View Mirror Adhesive is formulated for very fast curing on smooth surfaces and can fixture in less than 30 seconds when used with a metal (blue or green) based activator or an amine (yellow) based activator. Cured performance shows excellent adhesion and bond strength to glass, sintered metals, aluminum, steel and plated metals.

FEATURES • Blend of toughness and high tensile shear strength • Excellent for metal and glass bonding • Light gel viscosity for Non-sag, Non-migration on porous surfaces • 100% solids formulation for VOC compliance and safety • Can be used with solvent-based or solvent less activators

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS • All foreign and domestic metal rearview mirror mounting buttons