Hand Armor - 1L  Foam Wash Hand Sanitizer

Hand Armor - 1L Foam Wash Hand Sanitizer

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All Task Solutions HAND ARMOR comes produced as high foam liquid hand wash and sanitizer with high grade bactericidal properties.

Mild on your skin, it can be used regularly to help create an environment that will repress the multiplication of organisms that cause infection problems.

HAND ARMOR SANITIER is designed also as safe and ideal in areas where food is prepared or used.

It comes as a liquid but when inserted into our HIGH FOAM DISPENSER it will transform to a foam and is much easier to hand apply. 

Place the foam onto your hands and work well in. Pay particular attention to and under finger nails.

HAND ARMOR is ideal for use in catering and in food industry areas or anywhere where expectation of germ properties are of highest concern.


Aqua, Ether Sulphate, Cocodieth, Glycol Stearate, Phosphate Fatty Ester, A.P Ethoxylate, Bactericide, Salt, Preservative.

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