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Kent - K44 Silicone Grease - 80ml

Kent - K44 Silicone Grease - 80ml

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K44 has good lubricating capabilities, high insulating and water-repellent properties and good thermal conductivity.

Ideal for battery terminals, brake parts, weather strips and general mechanisms.

Does not swell rubber and plastics. It can be used to reduce wear, prevent sticking and freezing, waterproof electrical

connectors, lubricate and protect brake piston, rubber boots and seals.

Features & Benefits 

Wide temperature range -40 °C to +200 °C - suitable for the application on most automotive components

• Good dielectric strength - prevents arcing on electrics

• Excellent water repellency - prevents water ingress into components

• Good thermal conductivity - can be used in temperature sensitive applications

• 72 month storage life - up to 6 years usage from one tube

• Water resistant - will not wash off

• Non hazardous, low toxicity and low volatility formulation


1. Clean and dry surfaces. 2. Apply K44 Silicone Grease; brush if desired. 3. Wipe of excess with clean, soft cloth.

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