Kent Sili Gasket 2 - Engine Sealing Compound

Kent Sili Gasket 2 - Engine Sealing Compound

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RTV Gasket Compound packaged in an easy to use and waste free pressurised container.  

Part Nº:34337 (PSG 2 P) 200ml Pressure Pack - 34339 (PSG 2 L) 200ml Pressure Pack - 84179 - 100ml Pressure Pack

Features & Benefits

• Pressurized container – no wastage

• Can be applied through grease and oil for easy dis-assembly – saves time and money

• Conforms to GM 9985443 – meets OEM requirements

• Sensor safe – will not damage sensors or catalytic converters

• Can be applied to dress paper or cork pre cut shapes – easy to use, saves time and money


Sili Gasket has been designed to meet the need for an RTV(Room Temp vulcanizing) gasket material. This is able to meet OEM specifications for gasket less “Face to Face” joints as used on today's modern vehicle engines. When placed within a gasketing application Sili Gasket would be resistant to many types of heavy and light oils.  In addition, PSG can be used to replace, or with older styles of gasket, to ensure a leak free joint. Also due to its ability to bond with rubber, PSG can be used to repair split rubbers such as CV gaiters and steering rack boots. Its wide temperature range ensures that it is suitable for all applications that call for an RTV type sealer.  For waterproofing, bonding, insulating, sealing, shimming and packing out to cure rattles.  

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