Kent - Plastic Dressing

Kent - Plastic Dressing

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Features & Benefits

  • Silicone free - safe for bodyshops
  • Reconditions plastic - enhances cosmetic appearance
  • Weatherproof once cured - will not easily wash or weather off
  • Economical in use - value for money
  • Pleasant fragrance - re-odourises plastics
  • Non-harmful - user friendly


1. Thoroughly clean all trim to be treated using KENT New All-Purpose Foam Cleaner.

 Remove any residual contamination with KENT Plastic repair cleaner.

2. Spray product onto a clean cloth or damp sponge. Apply sparingly over the surface of the plastic, ensuring the entire area is covered.
3. Allow 30 minutes for product to be touch dry. Drying will be accelerated in direct sunlight.
4. Remove any unwanted application on body panels or glass with KENT New All-Purpose Foam Cleaner 

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