Kent - Dry Lube - Dry Non-Staining Lubricant

Kent - Dry Lube - Dry Non-Staining Lubricant

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Dry lube - A clear, PTFE based dry lubricant for plastic, rubber, metal and fabric.

KENT Dry Lube is a clear non-staining PTFE lubricant. It is unique in that once the propellant carrier has flashed off, it is totally dry.

Typical applications are window channels, dashboard squeaks, sunroof runners, seat runners, electric aerials, weather-strips,

steering column bushes, seat belts, window wipers (to prevent judder), runners on curtain sided trucks and door locks.

Non automotive applications are caravan awning runners and zips, coin slots in machines and bench saws

(to prevent wood sticking to guides).

KENT Dry Lube is ideal for body shops as it is silicone free and will not attract dust or dirt.

Features & Benefits

• Totally dry - will not attract dust and dirt

• Clear non staining formula - will not damage soft trim

• Safe on paint, rubber and plastic - use with confidence

• Water resistant - will not wash off

• Wide temperature range -40oC to +260oC - use almost anywhere

• Silicone free - bodyshop safe

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