Kent Hi-Tech Grease - NSF Approved - 400ml Aerosol

Kent Hi-Tech Grease - NSF Approved - 400ml Aerosol

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• NSF approval to H1

• Temperature resistance (-40 +260 ºC wet/ dry 340ºC)

• Resistant to salt, cold and warm water

• Synthetic based with PTFE

• Good solvent driven penetration

• Clear / high purity

• Bulks up well on any surface;


Lubrication of moving parts and components of machines around food areas such as ovens, refrigeration areas, food processing plants, conveyor belts, logistics centres and foodstuff racking.

Hi Tech Grease is ideally suitable for use within food industry (catering), the product does not contain ingredients derived from animal origin, GMO, nut oils or dairy products.

Other applications can be: Mobile catering units, food warehousing equipment (like forklifts etc), food transport, slaughter houses and fast food conveyor counters.


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