Wheel Spray Silver

Wheel Spray Silver

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An acrylic silver paint for restoring the appearance of wheel rims and decorative wheel covers.


• Excellent coverage on steel, aluminum, nylon and most plastics

• One component product

• Replicates OEM finish

• Acrylic resin based product 


• Time saving

• No mixing, easy to use

• Professional repair

• Resistant to oil and petrol


1 Clean the surface to be treated with Kent Speedy 500 (AC-R) or Kent Acrysol (AB-S) until all excess grease or wax has been removed. Allow to dry. 
2.If the surface to be treated is corroded, clean up with a wire-brush or sand-blast.

Clean again with Kent Acrysol (AB-S).

Apply a thin layer of Kent Galvapro In order to speed up drying time, use a hot airgun (max.150°C).
3.Apply Kent Wheel Spray (KW-S) evenly in a thin layer on the still warm (approx.20°C) wheel rims or covers.
4.If necessary apply a second coat after approx.3–5 minutes