vb26 Fuel Additive  -300 ml . Reduce Emissions to Pass the NCT

vb26 Fuel Additive -300 ml . Reduce Emissions to Pass the NCT

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You can expect to reduce emissions by up to 50% when driving for 15 minutes with a vb26 added to 10 litres of fuel (car) or to 50 litres of fuel (truck or bus).

vb26 transforms petrol or diesel fuel into a  superior power cleaner that continues cleaning your fuel system until all the fuel is used.

Therefore it is perfect for adding to your fuel tank before driving to the NCT test center. The perfect choice for pre-test emission issues.

vb26 does not camouflage the toxic emissions as like other well known brands, it doesn’t contain Cetane improver.

It contains instead exclusive cleaners enriched with EP (Extreme Protection) lubricants.

In a case where the diesel filter is being replaced you may fill the filter with vb26 to start the engine on pure product.

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