vb39  - Oil Stop Leak - 900ml - P.O.A

vb39 - Oil Stop Leak - 900ml - P.O.A

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 vb39  “Oil  Extra”  is  a  mix  of  concentrated mix of  oil  additives developed to stop or  reduce  leakage of engine oil and hydraulic oil due to hardened and/or worn oil seals.  

 vb39  will stop or reduce  oil  leaking  by  restoring  elasticity  of  the  oil seals  by  making  them  swell  in  a  controlled  and  limited  measure in order to compensate for too much tolerance deriving from wear.

In a  case where there is a very badly contaminated oil systems.  It  is  recommended  to  firstly flush clean the oil system with  

Smog Doctor vb35 All System Cleaner   - before adding the vb39 to the oil.  

Eliminating  deposits  of  sludge,  acids  and  humidity  allow  the vb39  to  contact  better  the  surfaces  of  the  rubber  parts  of  the  oil seals.  The  vb39  will  extend  the  life-time  of  the  seals,  which  will give an even better performance.  

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