VB45 - DPF Cleaner - 500 ml

VB45 - DPF Cleaner - 500 ml

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VB45 Extreme Cleaner 

VB45 Extreme Cleaner was first developed to simplify the removal of diesel injectors and glow plugs.

Injectors and glow plugs were virtually impossible to remove without damaging the cylinder heads but now with the help of Smog Doctor VB45 they can be removed easily.

 VB45 dissolves carbon deposits, lacquer, gums and varnishes along with all other contaminants to ease the removal of injectors etc.

Air Intake Cleaning Spraying the VB45 into the air intake just after the air mass meter or directly into the intake manifold dissolves oil and soot deposits, deriving from the crankcase ventilation and soot from the EGR valve which are then transported by the air to the combustion chamber.

Combustion Cleaning
The VB45 tends to burn slowly and therefore manages to penetrate the deposits in the combustion chambers which once dissolved will be eliminated through the combustion process. Normally the specific cleaning of the combustion chamber is done with a combination of VB45 and VB26.

Upper Exhaust Cleaning
A portion of the VB45 which was sprayed into the air intake passes through the combustion chamber and reaches the exhaust where it cleans the exhaust valves, the EGR valve, the turbine wheel and the rotating vanes of the VGT turbo and the catalytic converter.

Lower Exhaust Cleaning
When the air intake, combustion chambers and upper exhaust are cleaned the engine becomes noisier due to increased clogging of the DPF.

The deposits which were dislodged by the addition of VB45 and VB26 end up in the DPF causing back pressure and increased engine knocking.

The deposits in the DPF are removed by spraying VB45 in the upper exhaust with the hot engine running at idle and a regeneration after a couple of hours with the engine switched off.

(A) - Air Intake Cleaning (Petrol)
Keep the engine at a constant rev, gradually spray the contents of the can into the manifold just after the air mass meter. Use a suitable fitting from the Applicator Kit VBWT01 (supplied separately) for difficult to reach throttle bodies.

(B) - Air Intake Cleaning (Diesel)
Use the 4mt. hose and the Flow Regulator from the Applicator Kit to spray the cleaner inside the manifold after the air mass meter while driving the vehicle on the road. Further instructions are supplied with the Applicator Kit VBWT01. This application must only be undertaken by trained professionals.

(C) - Removing Diesel Injectors
Spray the cleaner on the deposits around the injectors.

Allow time for deposits to soften. Repeat if necessary.

(D) - EGR Valve Cleaning
Ensure engine is switched off. Spray the inside of the EGR valve using the red hose from the Applicator Kit VBWT01. Allow time for deposits to soften. Repeat if necessary.

(E) - VGT Turbo Cleaning
Using the white straw  sold with the can or the red hose from the applicator kit, spray the inside of the turbo charger.

This may be done with the engine switched off but preferably with the engine running.

Allow time for deposits to soften. Repeat if necessary. See the technical data sheet “TDS-SYSTEM-EGR-VGT-500ml” for cleaning both the EGR valve and the VGT turbo charger.

(F) - DPF Cleaning
Run the engine for a few minutes to warm up the DPF.

Connect the black hose from the Applicator Kit to the “Pressure Hose” upstream from the filter, to the adapter of the oxygen sensor or the temperature sensor or to any position between the engine and the particulate filter.

Connect the black hose using the 4 meter extension hose to the Flow Regulator of the Applicator Kit.

Connect the Flow Regulator to the can of VB45. With the engine running at idle, spray all of the contents into the filter.

Switch off the engine and wait a minimum of three hours (the longer VB45 is left in the filter to work the more effective the result).

Do a forced regeneration of the filter.

(G) - CAT Cleaning
The procedure for cleaning the catalytic converter is the same as for cleaning the particulate filter

Check out our product info brochure for more details on applicator kit usage - Smog Doctor - Product Brochure


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