About Smog Doctor

   Smog Doctor began life in Italy in 1988 to supply professional chemicals to garages and over time we developed a brand and a range of chemical formulations for cleaning all combustion related systems of internal combustion engines using petrol, diesel, CNG or LPG fuels.

Our typical customers are professional car repair workshops, which use our products to restore the functionality of the engine. Our sales people are trained in demonstrating the usage of the products and in helping the customer to obtain maximum improvements.

As all workshop professionals known there are a mind boggling multitude of products in the market.  Many companies launch the ‘New Improved Formulation’ and the old product also remains on sale with the result that shelves in garage stores are full of different cans which are basically for the same application but some slightly better.  The workshop staff will go for the newest product leaving costly old stock in the store, which in some cases are eventually destined for the bin.

The secret of Smog Doctors success is that instead of adding a new product to the sales program as we improve existing products, we upgrade continuously the existing products in order to allow them to solve any new problem occurring with new engines, systems or components.  Therefore we have improved our products again and again without extending our range and confusing our customers.
Some of our competitors will tell you that you need a specific product per application.  Try asking our customers if you need a specific product per application, they have tried and tested them and are not trying to sell them.  Even better still why not experience the results of our products.

Our customers purchase just a few, but very special cleaners and will therefore save money by purchasing and storing less products.  The garage staff can concentrate on just a few products and will obtain the best results as in more satisfied customers.

At the moment we produce for the international market 3 cleaners and 1 additive:

  • The vb26 liquid cleaner is an extremely concentrated cleaner for both petrol, diesel injection systems and combustion chambers including valves and valve seats and survives partially the combustion enabling the cleaning of all components of the exhaust like the EGR-valve, the catalytic converter, the fins of the turbo charger (especially VGT) and the particulate filter DPF, FAP, CRT or similar;
  • The vb35 liquid cleaner is an extraordinarily versatile cleaner which when added to the fuel
    • eliminates water and sludge, grease and bitumen from petrol, diesel and lpg injection systems.
    • eliminates soot and other deposits from the particulate filter DPF, FAP, CRT or similar

When added to various oil systems

  • eliminates water, sludge, grease and bitumen from all oil systems of the engine, gearbox, transmission, differential, power steering, ABS brake system

When added to the radiator

  • Eliminate oil from the cooling and heating system

When added to the air conditioning system

  • eliminates oil and moisture from the air conditioning system

See relevant pages for instructions.

  •  The vb45 aerosol cleaner is an extremely powerful and versatile cleaner which
    • Sprayed directly on the surface, eliminates the extremely hard carbon deposits around the outside of diesel injectors and glow plugs
    • Atomized into the air intake after the air mass meter, eliminates sludge and soot from the petrol and diesel intake manifold and combustion chambers including valves and seats and thanks to it partially surviving the combustion will eliminate soot and other deposits from all components of the exhaust like the EGR-valve, the catalytic converter, the fins of the turbo charger (especially VGT) and the particulate filter DPF, FAP, CRT or similar
    • Atomized directly into the particulate filter DPF, FAP, CRT or similar will soften the soot deposits which then can be burned-off with a forced regeneration of the filter
  •  The Smog Doctor vb38 liquid additive is an innovative package of oil additives, formulated to be added to the oil of the gasoline, diesel, lpg or cng engine, the transmission, the gearbox, the differential, the power steering and will
  • Reduce oil burning by stabilizing the viscosity of the oil at higher temperatures
  • Reduce oil leaking by restoring elasticity of the rubber seals and gaskets and by inducing a controlled and limited growth of the seals
  • Reduce mechanical friction and therefore wear, noise and temperatures of the treated system.

Referring to the cleaning of a particulate filter without dismantling it, Smog Doctor developed the innovative Total Engine Cleaning System which not only “frees” the clogged filter, but eliminates all causes of the problem and will above all restore full engine efficiency.

One of the main causes of an automatic regeneration not taking place is the short distances being driven today.  A regeneration may get a chance to begin but unless it is fully completed it will attempt it again and again.  If a vehicle has 80 to 90 per cent of a regeneration completed and is switched off it will attempt to do it again. Another cause is the amount of soot produced by the combustion, overloading the filter and shortening the regeneration frequency.

The Smog Doctor “Total Engine Cleaning System” consists in:

  • Restoring compressions and cleaning the valve lifters and valve timing system by cleaning the engine oil system with the vb35 cleaner;
  • Cleaning the whole injection system, the combustion chambers including the valves and the valve seats with the vb26 cleaner;
  • Cleaning of the air intake system by atomizing the vb45 inside the manifold after the air mass meter;
  • Cleaning of all components of the exhaust, like the EGR circuit, the VGT turbo charger and the catalytic converters with the joined forces of the vb26 and the vb45 which both partially survive the combustion, forming new vapors cleaners;
  • Cleaning the particulate filter by atomizing the vb45 directly inside the filter through the oxygen sensor or the hose from the pressure sensor at the engine side.

The particulate filter will function normally with lower soot levels arriving from the combustion and the engine will produce full power and torque, consuming less fuel as it did when it was new!

The results from cleaning with Smog Doctor will give enormous satisfaction to the garage, receiving compliments from happy customers who will drive smoother or faster, but will all spend less on fuel.

Ing. Werner van Bakel
Managing Director