Belt Dressing

Belt Dressing

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Dynatex® Belt Dressing extends belt life by conditioning against drying and cracking.

Stops squeal and protects against belt slippage due to heat, cold, dampness, dust and glazing.

Dynatex® Belt Dressing penetrates the cord fibers to restore pliability and flexibility.

Recommended for use on all types of machinery and equipment with motor driven belts.


• Provides better grip and traction • Stops belts from slipping and squealing • Helps prevent premature wear, drying and cracking

• Easy application, aerosol spray for maximum coverage, extension tube for hard to reach areas

• Protects belts from deterioration due to oxidation and heat • Tested in accordance to 75/324/EEC 


• Industrial belt drives • V-belts or flat belts of rubber, leather or fabric • Automotive • Farm equipment


1. Provide adequate ventilation.

2. Shake can thoroughly before each use.

3. Belt should be clean and dry.

4. Stop engine before use.

5. Spray a thin coating on the pulley side of the belt.

6. Idle engine for a short period of time to run belt and evenly distribute coating.

7. Treatment may be repeated when belt squeals or slips.


Prolonged or recurring squeaking is an indication that the belt should be replaced due to excessive wear and deterioration.

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