Gasket Remover - Can remove carbon deposits

Gasket Remover - Can remove carbon deposits

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Gasket Remover is an aerosol product designed to remove gasket residue from any type of metal or plastic housing. Dynatex® Gasket Remover quickly removes baked-on gaskets, silicone weatherstrip adhesive, carbon deposits, dried oil, adhesives, grease and paint. Removes gaskets in 10-12 minutes. Prepares metal parts for new gasket installation.

FEATURES • Penetrates and cleans intricate shapes • Eliminates excessive scraping and potential damage to flanged surfaces • Saves time and labor

TYPICAL APPLICATIONS Dynatex® Gasket Remover Removes • Baked-on gaskets and gasket cements • Gaskets from small, difficult to reach areas • Formed-in-place gaskets • Gaskets from aluminum without scraping.  Removes carbon deposits.

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