One Shot 2 – Solvent Cleaner

A super powerful and fast acting cleaner for the air induction side of fuel injection systems and carburettors<softdash/>Toluene free.

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Initially marketed as a carburettor cleaner, KENT One Shot 2 has paved its way as arguably the top-notch cleaner for the air intake section of engine control systems, with the evolution of fuel injection in automobiles. It is an incredibly potent cleaner proficient at eliminating remains from throttle bodies, PCV valves and other injection parts. Vehicles can operate on KENT One Shot 2, allowing the product to be safely sprayed into respective areas while the vehicle is in motion, thereby expelling all impurities through the exhaust system. For those who specialize in vintage cars, KENT One Shot 2 is an excellent carbon remover solvent cleaner.

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