vb27 - Deep Cleaning For All Modern Engines

vb27 - Deep Cleaning For All Modern Engines

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vb27 The modern engine equivalent of vb26 


vb27 is not recommended for use in older vehicles that are not equipped with a transfer fuel pump.

Treatment with vb27 means any emulsified water from the fuel will become more viscose .

Therefore without the pressure of a transfer fuel pump there is the possibility of a fuel filter becoming blocked. 

We recommend you continue to use vb26 or vb35  for all older vehicles registered pre 2009 

Use vb27 only as a problem solving treatment. It is not required for use continually.

vb35 can be used afterwards as your 'keep clean' maintenance cleaner

You can expect to reduce emissions by up to 50% when driving for 15 minutes with vb27 added to 10 liters of fuel (car) or to 50 liters of fuel (truck or bus).

vb27 transforms petrol or diesel fuel into a  superior power cleaner that continues cleaning your fuel system until all the fuel is used.

Therefore it is perfect for adding to your fuel tank before driving to the NCT test center. The perfect choice for pre-test emission issues.

vb27 contains  exclusive cleaners enriched with EP (Extreme Protection) lubricants now with added water eliminators.  

Tags: vb27 is a fuel additive for use in modern engine containing also added water eliminators