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CopperStix - Copper Epoxy Putty

CopperStix - Copper Epoxy Putty

Brand:All Task Solutions
Product Code: AT30004
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CopperStix is a hand-mixable, fast setting, copper-reinforced epoxy putty that quickly repairs pipes, tanks and vessels made of copper, brass, bronze and other non-ferous metals.  After mixing, it forms a polymer compound that is extremely tough and durable and offers exceptional adhesion.  Each handy Stix has the consistency of modeling clay and so can be shaped with no drips or runs.  After 60 minutes the application can be drilled, sawed, sanded and painted.  Household hot water pipes and vessels can be restored to service after one hour.

Repair and rebuild anything made of copper. Repair freeze breaks, hot water lines and other plumbing problems in 15 minutes. Bonds to damp, wet and slow leaking surfaces. Seals elbow joints, leaks in pipework and much more.

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