vb38 - Oil Extra Additive -300 ml . Reduce Black Smoke and Toxic Emissions

vb38 - Oil Extra Additive -300 ml . Reduce Black Smoke and Toxic Emissions

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vb38 Oil Extra Additive

The vb38 Oil Extra is a mix of concentrated oil additives developed  for restoring best efficiency to the lubricating system.

Its EP additives make the oil more stable and thus will reduce oil burning at higher temperatures.

The EP means It has Extreme Pressure Agents which helps with reducing friction between moving mechanical parts of the engine,

the gearbox the differential or power steering whichever added to.

The extra lubrication results in there being more power availability, an improved performance and better fuel consumption.

The system furthermore be more silent and operate at lower temperatures, extending the oil-life during its interval thus bettering the system.

vb38 will help reduce oil leaking by restoring elasticity to the oil seals helping make them swell in a controlled and limited manner in order to

compensate for tolerances deriving from wear.

In cases where the system is very contaminated we recommend to flush clean with Smog Doctor  vb35. All System Cleaner

For more info checkout our link for Smog Doctor Product Brochure

Tags: Reduces black smoke, reduces emissions, rejuvenates oil seals