Python Wrap - 4.5M x 100mm Roll/Pack

Python Wrap - 4.5M x 100mm Roll/Pack

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Python Wrap is a unique, easy-to-use, quick action system, which when properly applied will repair broken parts damaged through everyday wear.

Features & Benefits

• Easy to use, Python Wrap is water activated, requires no mixing and is applied by hand

• Non-combustible • Resistant to petrol, oil, acids, alkali and a wide range of other chemicals

• Can be sanded and painted, initial cure within 30 minutes


Python Wrap's high strength adhesion enables quick repairs to pipes, tool handles, engine hoses, tanks, irrigation systems, sprinkler systems and containers. Python Wrap can be used to plug holes in boats, leaking pipes, sprinkler systems and for numerous types of instant repairs.

Python Wrap's high temperature resistance (260°C) makes it an excellent repair for exhaust systems and other areas subjected to elevated temperatures.

Once cured, Python Wrap can be sanded and painted if desired.

Python Wrap will bond s to almost anything: Clay, Lead, Steel, Copper, Cast iron, Rubber, Plastics, Concrete, Fiberglass & Aluminum


1. Clean and roughen area to be repaired. Pipes and hoses should be shut down prior to repair.

2. Remove the adhesive backing from the leak patch and apply directly over the break or hole.

3. Wearing enclosed gloves (gloves are most effective when applied to dry hands) tear open foil pouch at the notched area. Remove Python Wrap from the foil pouch and soak in warm water for 20 seconds.

4. Using entire roll, wrap Python Wrap approximately 2 inches above repair area, working it directly over the leak patch. Continue wrapping and extend Python Wrap approximately 2 inches below repair area. Continue wrapping until all Python Wrap is used.

5. Squeeze and mold Python Wrap in the direction of wrap, removing excess water while spreading resin until tacky to touch. Wait 30 minutes before reapplying pressure to the system.

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