Ultrafill 3 - Various

Ultrafill 3 - Various

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Features & Benefits

  • A one component product - no mixing required
  • Tested to BS EN ISO 9227  with resistance to salt spray with excellent corrosion resistant properties
  • Improved anti settlement properties so improved product dispersion & easier mixing
  • High solid content it fills fast & saves on material
  • Extremely good coat depth with a good fill & build quality
  • Very flexible, will flex with plastic & metal components
  • Compatible with all leading automotive paints 
  • Good adhesion to all surfaces 
  • Dries fast approx 20 minutes so time saving.
  • Will resist wipe off when using panel wipe therefore easier to prep.

Article Part Numbers

  • Article
    500 ml BlackKE86801
    500 ml GreyKE86802
    500 ml WhiteKE86803
    500 ml RedKE86804
    500 ml BlueKE86805
    500 ml YellowKE86806

  • Instructions

  • 1. Area to be painted should be final flatted with P180 or P240.
  • 2. Clean repair area with KENT Acrysol or a panel wipe. Allow to dry.
    3. Shake the Ultrafill 2 aerosol can. It is important that the can is shaken for a minimum of 2 minutes from the time that the ball starts moving.

Ultra Fill - SDS

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