What Smog Doctor does - The Short List

Reduce emissions going for a test
You can expect to reduce emissions by half when driving for 15 minutes with VB26 added to 10 litres of fuel (car) or to 50 litres of fuel (truck or bus).

Injector and glow plug removal
VB45 was first developed to simplify the removal of diesel injectors and glow plugs.  Spray the VB45 on the crust and wait for it to dissolve the carbon, lacquer, varnishes and gum along with other sources of contamination.  Repeat if necessary.

DPF / FAP / CAT completely blocked
Remove the filter. Tape the bottom closed. Pour half a can of VB35 into a 2 litre bottle and then top up with water, shake and pour mixture into the filter.  Shake the filter and allow the VB35 at least 30 minutes (the longer the better) to soften and dissolve the deposits. Shake and empty the filter into the waste oil container. Prepare another mixture and repeat the procedure filling the filter from the opposite end. Wait at least four hours. Rinse out the remaining deposits from the filter with clean water.  Do not use a power washer, this causes damage to the filter.

DPF / FAP / CAT Partially blocked
Run the engine for a few minutes to warm up the DPF.  Remove the oxygen or temperature sensor or to any position between the engine and the particulate filter.  With the engine running at idle spray the contents into the filter.  Switch off the engine and wait a minimum of three hours (the longer the VB45 is left in the filter the more effective the result).

EGR valve cleaning
Ensure the engine is switched off.  Spray VB45 into the inside of the EGR valve and allow time for deposits to soften, repeat if necessary. Alternatively, add a can of VB26 to the fuel.

VGT turbo cleaning
Spray VB45 into the turbo charger using the appropriate nozzle from the applicator kit.  This may be done with the engine switched off but preferably with the engine running.  Allow time for deposits to soften.  Repeat if necessary. Alternatively, add a can of VB26 to the fuel.

Restoring engine power
Add a VB26 to the fuel, a VB35 to the oil, a VB45 into the air intake.

Reducing oil consumption
Clean the piston rings with VB35.  However, if the bands are worn or damaged oil consumption may increase.  It is recommended for dirty engines but not worn out.

Full system cleaning
Add a VB26 to the fuel, a VB35 to the oil, a VB45 into the air intake and a second VB45 sprayed into the DPF.

Reducing black smoke
Add a VB26 to the fuel, a VB35 to the oil, a VB45 into the air intake.

Fuel pump cleaning
Add VB26 or VB35, you may use both together.  VB35 removes water from the fuel and dissolves any deposits of scale.  VB26 does not remove water but is more powerful on the scale.

Oil pump cleaning
VB35 should be used to clean the oil pump.

Noisy tappets
Add a can of VB35 to the engine oil.

Air conditioner cleaning
VB35 easily dissolves oil and moisture deposits. Inject 50 - 100ml of VB35 into the low pressure gas circuit of the air conditioner and run the system at maximum Cold for 10 minutes. Remove the refrigerant gas and dry the circuit with compressed air.

Radiator - Cooling system cleaning
VB35 flushes oil and grease from the cooling system. After the repair, fill the cooling system with clean water and run the engine up to operating temperature. Add the contents of one can of VB35 to the water. Run the engine on high revs for a MAXIMUM of 10 minutes. Drain and flush with clean water, repeat if necessary.

Remove water from fuel tank
VB35 eliminates water from the whole petrol, diesel and lpg injection system by micronising the drops and covering them with EP lubricants.  The fuel pump and injectors are then “EP protected” and the humidity/moisture is then eliminated during the combustion process.

Carburetor Cleaning
Add a can of VB26 to the fuel and within 20 km of driving you will see the results.

Anti-freeze protection
Thanks to the elimination of the moisture and the contribution of some of the VB35’s components, the flock /freeze point of the diesel fuel is lowered by 5ºC. VB35 also improves the cold start of lpg engines.

Oil flush – Lubrication cleaning
At each service add the contents of one VB35 to 4-6 litres of the old oil in the engine. In case of any doubt or in the case of notable deposits of black sludge if may be necessary to double or treble the dose of VB35.  Run the engine for approx. 10 minutes but the longer the better and for  extreme cleaning run for half an hour. In order to clean the hydraulic valve lifters raise the rpm above 1000 for short periods during this time.  Drain and replace oil and filter

Cleaning gearbox, ABS and power steering
Add the contents of one can of VB35 to 4-6 litres of the old oil in the system to be cleaned. Drive the vehicle for 10 minutes. Drain and replace oil and filter.

Cleaning transmission
Add half a can to vb35 to the old oil. Drive the vehicle for about 10 minutes putting it thought all the gears. Replace the oil and filter. The traces of VB35 remaining are compatible with the seals in the system and will add only 1%of the total oil and will not alter it’s viscosity. VB35 saves time and money by doing away with expensive cleaning machines.

Exhaust valve cleaning
Add a can of VB26 to the fuel.  Before entering the exhaust the vapour which survived the combustion will wet the stems and seats of the exhaust valves.  Thanks to the local high temperatures a chemical reaction will take place between deposits and vapours eliminating the deposits.

Combustion cleaning
Some of the components of the VB26 interact directly with the carbon deposits in the combustion chamber. 300ml. of VB26 will reduce the deposits of an old American V8 driven for 150,000 km by up to 75%.