Lacquer Repair Aerosol

Dissolves clear coat masking edges to give a neat repair.


A 1k aerosol for dissolving the edges of 2k paints.  It gives an invisible blend.

Lacquer Repair Spray is a fast, simple and accurate way to dissolve the edges of 2K Clear coat repairs.
It increases efficiency of the blending process to give an invisible blend.
Using this spot repair blender confines repairs to a single panel giving a soft edge to every repair.
Ideal for use with both MS and HS Clear coatings it is 100% UV stable.

Dissolves clear coat masking edges
Gives a soft edge to your repairs
UV stable
Suitable for MS and HS clear coats
Ready to go use 500 ml.

Additional information

Weight 500 kg


Units in Pack

12x 500ml