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We are proud Irish distributors of KENT premium cleaning products. Browse through the range and be convinced by our trusted high-quality products!
Discover our select range of cleaners with powerful cleaning abilities.

Achieve quality results with our highly recommended, powerful cleaners.

All Purpose Foam Cleaner – One of our bestsellers products.  It’s an active multi-purpose foam cleaner for soft and hard surfaces. Excellent for use on glass

Brake Parts Cleaner –  A high pressure aerosol. This cleaner quickly blasts away dust and dirt from brake components.

Electrical Cleaner – A high quality cleaner to protect and lubricate.

One Shot – Decarbonizer & Powerful Cleaner – Designed as a cleaner for carburetors. It also acts as a super effective cleaner on carbon ans will dissolves it effortless away. Used to release stuck injectors by a large number of our customers. It is hugely rated as one of the best!

Plastic Dressing – An interior vehicle cleaning agent. It quickly absorbs into plastic pores to create a new neat finish.

Plastic Clean & Protect – A silicone free interior cleaner. It repels dust and is workshop and paint-shop safe to use

More excellent products to follow so stay tuned!

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Showing all 6 results