One Shot 2 – Solvent Cleaner

KENT One Shot 2 is a versatile cleaner that can be used for various purposes, such as:

  • Cleaning the air induction side of fuel injection systems and carburettors
  • Dissolving and removing harmful gums, tars, varnishes, lacquers, corrosion and moisture from inside the fuel tank, fuel lines, fuel pumps, fuel rails, intake systems, injectors and combustion chambers
  • Freing carburettor valves, linkages, thermostat coil, choke pistons, automatic choke coils
  • Complementing the long term fuel treatment of Fuel Guard 2



KENT One Shot 2 was once a carburettor cleaner, but now it is a top-notch solvent cleaner for the air induction side of engine management systems, thanks to fuel injection technology.

It is very powerful and effective at removing residue build up from throttle bodies, PCV valves and other injection parts. It is safe to spray KENT One Shot 2 into these parts while the vehicle is on, as it will clear all contaminants through the exhaust system. KENT One Shot 2 is also an excellent for older vehicles with carburettors.

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Units in Pack

12x 500ml