Wax Coat Aerosol

This is a protective wax coat that will reach into the most inaccessible areas available.

Fights hard against rust and will not damage fresh cured paint.


A 500 ml Waxcoat developed to provide a final layer of protection against water and other contaminants.
Fights hard against road salt which will cause rust and other damage in out of sight areas of a vehicle. As the
name suggests, it leaves a thick coating film of concentrated wax to work and prevent contaminants attacking metal work.

Waxcoat is safe and will not damage fresh cured paint!
Waxcoat can be used as a sealant coating in the most inaccessible areas, use it either  with the standard nozzle or the supplied extension tube. It’s  perfect for doors, bonnets, boot lids, tailgates, box sections, sill interiors, boot floor, foot wells and for rust protection on metal plating.

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Units in Pack

12x 500ml