Rust Converter Aerosol KE86878

This Rust Convertor Aerosol is a handy treatment that works wonders on rusty surfaces. It acts as both a surface treatment and a primer, transforming rust into a solid base that can be easily painted over. What’s great about it is that it can even be used on hot surfaces that reach temperatures up to +180°C. So whether you’re dealing with machinery, agricultural equipment, tanks, steel structures, or doing some automotive maintenance, this is the go-to solution for you.


The Aerosol Rust Convertor is a surface treatment and primer that effectively converts rusted surfaces into a stable primer coat. It is 500ml and is highly reactive on rust and iron, making it an ideal solution for industrial applications such as machinery, tank construction, steel structures, and automotive maintenance and repair. Additionally, it boasts high temperature resistance, allowing for application on hot surfaces up to +180°C.

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