Rust Converter

A rust treatment to neutralize corrosion and act as a primer coating.


Made to neutralize corrosion on metals and components. Acts also as primer coat ready for over coating.
Recommended for anywhere a fine finish is not required.
Examples: automotive, trailers, agriculture, commercial vehicles.
Suitable for machinery, metal construction & marine.
Use it on railings, tanks, bridges, window ledges, oil rigs, steel hull boats & ships.
A must have product for oxidizing metal parts in salty atmospheres.
Recommended for ie. county council salt sprayers, heavy construction.
Features & Benefits
Non-toxic, water-based emulsion to treat rusty surfaces
Neutralizes  the corrosion process – leaves a tough insoluble acrylic coating when cured.
Easy to apply by brush, roller or sprayer.
Self priming – compatible with most paint products
Minimum surface preparation required.
A mineral acid-free rust treatment.
It can be applied to damp surfaces.
Made to protect treated surfaces against inclement weather conditions.

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Additional information

Weight 500 kg


Units in Pack

12x 500ml