Rubber Guard

A tough under sealer with a course texture to protect against stone chipping.


A heavy duty, coarse textured under-seal. It protects against corrosion and stone chipping.

Rubber Guard is designed as an alternative for under-body sealants and stone chip coatings which have to
be applied by an air gun. It is able to give different styles of finish according to thickness of coat
and distance sprayed from. It is particularly good at recreating the light stone chip finish found on the lower
edge of sill & front panels on many vehicles. It is also very good as a sealant for covering welding repairs as it
withstands harsh treatments in wheel arches and under-body areas. Use for a safe over painting, apply several
layers.  Allow to flash off in between.

• Heavy bodied
• Unique blended resins
• Easy aerosol application
• Superb adhesion
• Does not contain bitumen
• Wide temperature range  = -40º C to +135º C
• Product is over paint-able

• Excellent coverage, even with a single coat
• Does not harden or crack
• Can be used anywhere
• Does not require a primer
• No discoloring and no cracking
• It withstands extreme conditions
• Compatible with most paint systems


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12x 577ml