Tyre Fitting Gel – Easy Straw

Tyre Fitting Gel – Easy Straw. Used for the easy assembly and disassembly of all kinds of tyres and rims.


Tyre Fitting Gel – Easy Straw has highly effective gliding properties that allows easier fitting of unusual jobs such as run-flats, low profile or High Performance tyres.
No apprehension with use on complicated changes.
Non staining, so leaves no grease on the wall after application. No need to clean off after fitting.
Suitable for use on all kinds of vehicles (bicycles, motorcycles, agriculture etc.)
Extremely handy, Tyre Fitting Gel – Easy Straw is a solution product for your garage.
With it’s – Easy Straw action nozzle it allows accurate placement on beads, so less mess, and no waste.
Use leaves no dirt or contamination such as found when using a normal grease bucket.
A cleaner product for a tidy job. It flashes off quickly.
No skid of rim on tyre once fitted.
A brush is not required so less tools requirement.
Dried on grease is not a problem like other opened product.

Stable quality until the can is emptied meaning no waste.
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