Screen Fix 90 + Prep Wipe Pack

Screenfix 90 is an isocyanate free windscreen adhesive with 90 min work time.


Screenfix 90 is an isocyanate free, low conductive windscreen adhesive.

It will providing a 90 minute drive away time for vehicles fitted with twin air bags.

Single component adhesive for easy application either by air gun or hand caulking gun
No preheating of product required giving a more flexible application temperature range, so less time wasted
A primer less system so no time wasted on priming or activation
Crash tested to standard FMVSS 212  recognized performance
90 minutes drive away time for vehicles with 2 air bags allowing very fast turnover or a ‘change while you wait service’
High green strength  with no clamping required, no time wasted
Good dielectric resistance characteristics so is suitable for modern glass with integrated aerials
Isocyanate free it has no health risks and is safer to use

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